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Calling Cards

A full range of cards are distributed by PostPoint on behalf of all the major calling card companies.

Dome Telecom

Dome Telecom, Ireland's largest provider of prepaid telecom, offers three distinct products on the PostPoint terminal. Below we have summarised each calling card and who the product is designed for.

Monster Minutes

This is Dome Telecoms latest product. It offers the absolutely lowest rates to the African communities in Ireland as well as to Eastern Europe (Poland, Estonia, Hungary and Romania), South America (Brazil) and Asia (China, Philippines, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan). You can use it from home, mobile, hotel or payphones. For rates click here.

Century 2000

Since its launch Century 2000 has become the most widely available calling card and today it is the fastest selling calling card in Ireland. It offers excellent quality and value when calling the UK, US, Western Europe and Australia. At no time has the Century 2000 card been matched for price and quality of service.For rates click here.

Global Caller

Global Caller is Ireland's best selling calling card! It offers the lowest rates to any particular ethnic destinations, especially: Asia and Eastern Europe. This card offers good value when calling from mobile phones. For rates click here.


Skytel Offers Value for Money! Skytel is one of the leading and most innovative international calling card provider's in Ireland. Skytel has the Super Asia, African Dream, Celtictel & Skytel Travel card on Sale on the PostPoint terminals. These products are truly unique as they can be used from various different countries, you can view your call records online and most importantly they have great cheap rates offering value for money. Offering their customers unbeatable rates and pins in €2, €10 and €20 denominations, Skytel call cards appeal to a wide variety of ethnic groups with low cost mobile access and the ability to use the pin number in various countries worldwide this is clearly a unique product. Note: Skytel pins can be downloaded from the PostPoint terminals.

African Dream, Super Asia & Celticel

  • Available in €2, €10 and €20 denominations
  • Low cost mobile access
  • Unbeatable rates
  • Rechargeable
  • Can be used from over 65 international destinations

Skytel Travel Card

  • Available in €10 and €20
  • Unbeatable rates from and to EU and America
  • Rechargeable
  • Can be used from over 65 international destinations

For rates click here.


Swiftcall is Ireland's longest established supplier of International Phonecards with a proven track record in providing excellent rates and customer service to the consumer. Swiftcall have been providing international phonecards to the retail trade in Ireland for over 10 years. Our rates are very competitive and our products are extremely popular with consumers who know they can trust the Swiftcall brand. Swifty is the original and still the best selling international phone card in Ireland.

Swifty offers consumers:

  • Flexible denominations of €5, €10, €15 & €30
  • NO Connection Charges
  • NO Hidden Charges
  • Excellent rates to all destinations worldwide
  • 15c for calling Irish Mobiles - cheapest rate in Ireland
  • Simple to use & works from any touch tone phone in both Ireland & UK

Solo phonecards continue to grow in popularity because it offers per minute prices never seen before in Ireland, our solo phonecard is one of a kind!

  • Most leading destinations can be called from as low as 1c per minute
  • Flexible denominations of €5, €10, €25 & €25
  • Simple to use & works from any touch tone phone
  • Most suitable for longer international calls
  • First minute connection fee with unbelievably cheap per minute rates after that

Solo is especially appealing to customers who wish to make longer phone calls over 10 minutes in duration.

All of Swiftcall's Phonecards have a full range of Access Numbers to ensure that everyone can benefit to the maximum from our products.

  • 1890 - Lo-call - best value when calling from a landline
  • 1850 - Call Save - offers great value calling from 087 mobiles - the customer's mobile is charged a flat rate of 30/31c per call regardless of the call duration
  • 1800 - Freephone - ideal for use when the customer does not want to attract any charges to their landline or mobile
  • 01 Dublin Geographic - is the best option for customers that have bundled packages where they receive free minutes

For rates click here.

First National

The First National phone card offers unbeatable call rates to hundreds of destinations worldwide. It comes in denominations of €5, €10 & €20. For rates click here.

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