‘Lottery Fast Play’ available with PostPoint

It is now possible to buy Ireland’s most popular quick picks and scratch card games from the National Lottery in selected PostPoint outlets around the country.

Games purchased through PostPoint terminals will be printed on a regular receipt as white National Lottery tickets. These new white National Lottery tickets are produced on the National Lottery’s Central Gaming System and are as equally valid as traditional National Lottery tickets.


Fast Play

A set of the National Lottery’s most popular products and operational retail functions will be available. Quick-Pick selections of Lotto (with Plus), EuroMillions (with Plus), DailyMillions (with Plus) and TellyBingo will be available from selected PostPoint retailers.

In addition, the most popular National Lottery scratch cards will be available in these stores.

White tickets

The new white tickets are the same as your usual National Lottery ticket and are completely transferable across the existing National Lottery retailer network. PostPoint agents that provide Lottery select will support the validation of all draw based games and scratch card prizes, regardless of where they are purchased.

For more details on National Lottery products see www.lottery.ie